7ony (7ony) wrote,

Faux Blue

Kathy decided to feed birds this year, goldfinches in particular. We know they're around, but we rarely see them. The feeder provides an incentive for visiting our yard. Finches are suckers for thistle seed; that's the kind of feeder we have. The feeder is designed strictly for finch beaks and discourages other less desirable and more aggressive birds that might prevent the finches from feeding. The red-headed house finches were the first to visit. Then we started seeing the gold ones, usually early in the morning. This weekend we had a surprise non-finch visitor, a indigo bunting. Around here, that bird is elusive. One might see a brilliant flash of blue in the brush along the road or between trees in wooded areas, but one rarely views the bird up close. The blue is such a pretty hue; it's hard to believe it's not a true blue. The blue appearance is the result of sunlight diffracting through the black feathers of the bird, a faux blue.
Picture 025 Picture 014
As always, a larger view of the picture can be seen by clicking on it and then selecting the 'all sizes' option.

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