7ony (7ony) wrote,

A junk junkie

My brother-in-law is an absolute pack rat. Kathy has the same tendency, except she is more selective. I think it's a gene thing. Their grandmother had a houseful of 'whatnots,' doodads,' knickknacks,' clocks, and ceramics. Kathy has at least 100 cookie jars and probably as many antique glassware pieces. All our closets and cabinets are stuffed to overflowing with them.

Back to my brother-in-law. He has several places in the pasture where he stores his 'bargains,' his items bought cheap or freely given that he might need someday. From time to time, when I have a need, I 'shop' his store. This time I was looking for a piece of heavy iron screen, something to use as a garden table top for Kathy. There amongst the rusty oilfield pipe, large diameter water pipe, old high line poles, old boat motors, pickups, farm equipment, and other odds and ends, I found a cannon. An old cannon, antique or replica, I don't which, but definitely old and well-rusted. Small, a muzzle-loader, about three feet long, it looked like it would shoot a 2-inch ball. I was amazed, and maybe a little envious. Although, what would I do with an old cannon?

I'll take my camera along next time and get a photo to post.

A couple of months ago, my brother-in-law brought by a plastic sack of old photographs. Twenty or thirty years ago he'd found them in an old desk he'd bought at an estate auction. He set the pictures aside, forgotten and covered up over the years. He'd found them again and thought we would like to see them. They were early photographs of Oklahoma, some original, others obvious copies. One of the originals was an autographed picture of Geronimo. I was envious that time too.

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