7ony (7ony) wrote,

GCT: Day 3

We left the motel in Tucumcari after I had a spirited discussion with the manager about health care plans and GWB. I wanted to tell the guy he listens to too much talk radio, but didn't. Most of his opinions echoed those of big mouth Rush L.

We saw more mountains, cacti, mesquite, and cedar, then stopped at Kline's Corner for awhile. Lunch was eaten at Padilla's in Albuquerque. Good food. Kathy chose it based on an Internet recommendation. We spent most of the day on the road, stopping at the Laguna Pueblo and the Sky City Casino for a few pictures and for Kathy to lose a few dollars at the latter. We arrived at Gallup about 5pm local time and shopped at an Indian jewelry store where Kathy bought a silver and turquoise pendant for a souvenir. We'll hit a few more shops tomorrow before heading to the Petrified Forest National Park in AZ.

The photo is the view from behind the Sky City Casino. These Indian Casinos really clutter up the scenery. The money derived from them wasn't evident at the Laguna Pueblo.
2009-09-09 009

Edit: I forgot to mention that I actually had a talking companion after we left Kline's Corner. lo5an loaned us the new Alan Dean Foster book Flinx Transcendent, and Kathy read it most of yesterday. She finished it this morning; my turn starts tonight.

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