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Up at 6am to clean and prepare the smoker. We now have 8 chickens cooking in smoke. Kathy and I decided it was our turn to do the family Sunday lunch. We'll have smoked chicken quarters, potato salad, brown beans, and green salad. For desert: devils food bundt cake and fruit salad. Kathy cooked the beans and made the potato salad yesterday. Last night we cut up chickens, rubbed the pieces with olive oil and seasonings: chile, onion, paprika, and garlic powders, black pepper, red pepper and salt . Lunch is at 1pm. You're invited.

The smoke is from a pecan wood fire. Yesterday morning I drove my rusty 950 John Deere tractor down to the creek and pulled back three dead pecan tree branches. I wanted them near the house so I could use an electric chain saw to cut them to size. I use an electric saw because I have yet to be initiated into the secret society of gasoline chain saw users. Starting and keeping a gas saw running mystifies me. I just can't do it. I like to use dry wood soaked in water rather than green wood.

Next door, Bede took out another flower pot. I suspect Kathy's sister is now questioning the appropriateness of her gift; an electic Gator for a three year old.

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