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"Look around you, choose five things nearby (choose normal names for them that other people will understand), list them and comment on them: what is it, how it ended up nearby, and why you need it.

Choose five people who should do the same thing in their journals, and write their names below."

1. Kathy, my wife, my friend, my love, my lover, and my partner in life.
2. Laptop, my window into the world, both past and present, and a toy I use entirely too much.
3. House, that Kathy and I created ourselves on land that has been in the family for three generations.
4. Clock, a retirement gift that reminds me it's time to check the smoker
5. Copy of an 1783 letter that names South Carolinians who quit the rebel side and joined the British army during the Revolutionary war. South Carolina was split about 50-50 in that war. Named in the letter is one of the persons I'm studying in my genealogy studies.

No names of five people because I don't do that.

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