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We've had several days of winter storm. The storm left six inches of moist, fluffy snow on top of a thick layer of icy slush and a glaze of ice on anything more than a foot above the ground. Fortunately the ground temperature was slightly above freezing; otherwise, our situation would be worse.

We dodged the bullet this time. Most of the iced-over destruction was south west of us. Thousands of families are without electrical power. The tv news said power poles were down like rows of tipped-over dominoes. Been there, done that. I feel sorry for the folks, but I'm glad it's there, not here.

I took a nice walk down to the creek yesterday. The trees were shiny with their glaze of ice. I was disappointed that I'd forgot my camea, then decided the overcast day wasn't that great for pictures anyway. The walk in the snow was uneventful, I'd hoped to scare up some wildlife: quail, rabbits, and such, but I guess they preferred to stay put, wherever they were. I heard the shrill call of a hawk. I spotted it, a red tail, floating above the meadow just across the creek. I decided the hungry hawk was more disappointed than me over the lack of wildlife.

Gar Creek, the other way from our house, is larger with more trees and ground cover and is a better destination for a wintry walk to see wildlife, but my insight, gained over years of experience, told me to walk against the wind going out so the way back would be more pleasant.

Back in the yard, I noticed a fluffball in a tree, a mockingbird. It hopped from branch to branch, not much interested in flying. Its feathers, ruffled for insulation, made it appear twice as big.

Then I heard the honking of a dozen Canada geese overhead, grumping no doubt, about having chosen a winter-over lake that was too far north.

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