7ony (7ony) wrote,

Genealogy Web Page

I’ve upgraded and modified my genealogy pages for their new home at http://genealogy.ztlcox.com. The old home at worldnet.att.net is defunct after 10+ years and 10,000 hits, not bad considering the limited subject. Perhaps this site will be more permanent and more active.

I’m trying something new with my Dukes of Camden District, SC genealogy note page. I used the pdf format rather than html. Pdf is supported on most browsers and will provide a cleaner image with the pertinent footnotes at the bottom of the page rather than a distant link. It will also produce a nicer printout. What remains to be seen is whether the readers will tolerate the additional download delay. If not, I may have to separate the DoCD information into smaller chunks, something I rather not do.

In the process, I've picked up a new blog, http://ztlcox.com. For the present, I plan to do cross-posting, more or less.
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