7ony (7ony) wrote,

Remember in November

The subject title came from a Republican-leaning conservative news source that I follow.

I will remember in November, but probably not in the manner those folk envisioned when they wrote that headline.

I'll remember how the Republicans, as a cohesive unit, refused to enter into the year-long debate over health care reform. Instead of individually reaching across the aisle to do some old-fashion politicking like we hired them to do, they refused. They refused to cooperate despite all the opportunities Obama and the Democratic leaders gave them.

This destructive cohesiveness had to be a National Republican Party mandate combined with some threatened penalties for those who crossed the line. There's no way that many diverse politicians from that many diverse states would be of the same mind-set on their own. The Republicans wasted an entire year, and then they wanted to start over. Give me a break. Because of them and the resulting flawed process, we Americans have to put up with an imperfect bill for health reform.

I suspect money was at fault. It takes so much money to run for Congress, many rely on the National Party for fund raising help. Some also may rely on the health care lobbyists. According to the various watch groups, there was plenty of lobbyist money in the process this year.

My Congressmen, all so-called conservative Republicans (only one is a true conservative in my opinion and the only one who has ever reached across the aisle to build a compromise; the others are drones) ignored my pleading. I received a response from two; standard National Republican Party rhetoric. One had the audacity to write that over 90 percent of people in the US have health insurance and 85 percent were happy with what they have. Given the nearly 10 percent unemployment we now have and the fact that there are that many more who've given up looking for work, I seriously doubt that statistic.

I also doubt that the average American would be against health care reform if they dug into the facts instead of listening to the misleading statements by a vocal few. They don't seem to realize what is happening, how fast the costs for health insurance are rising and that the number of those who can't afford insurance is also rising.

This year alone, my wife's health insurance has risen 15 percent. We've had double-digit increases each year for the last four years. For less insurance too, since the coverage has dropped. The really bad part is the increase percentages of our insurance costs are increasing each year too.

I expect that we're not unique.

Remember in November? I see no reason to reward mediocrity.

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