7ony (7ony) wrote,

Bald Eagle

This morning we snapped photos of a bald eagle. It was on the ground beside a small pond south of our house. A couple of snaps, and the bird was on its way, flying down to the creek.

My brother in law, who was working in the pasture scattering the remnants of the round hay bales he'd fed to the cattle last winter, told us he'd noticed, for the first time, a big nest high in a large pecan tree near the creek.

The speculation is we might have white-headed neighbors this summer. That'll trump my barn swallows.

2010-04-06 008 2010-04-06 008 2010-04-06 009

Select and click the picture to get a larger view. A twenty-five mile an hour wind and a full zoom made the photos a bit fuzzy. The wind was probably a bit daunting for the bird, too.
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