7ony (7ony) wrote,

You probably didn't notice that the title of my Live Journal had changed. Since the beginning, I'd misquoted Lewis Carroll. My old title was "To speak of many things . . ." I thought that was correct. I guess I didn't bother to check the source. I discovered the error recently while reading some Lewis Carroll poetry. The passage really goes "To talk of many things:"

A google search indicates the misquote is a common mistake. Just curious: how many of my lj friends noticed the misquote in my title?

LC made the right selection, choosing 'talk' over 'speak.' Speak is a unary verb where 'talk' is bi-directional. And after all, the Walrus and the Carpenter did crave an exchange with the row of oysters.

In my case though, perhaps 'speak' is more accurate.

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