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TaDo lists

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Spring is my time for TaDo lists. Mine tends to be long and change from day to day. Fortunately, my list is in a computer file, rather than on paper. Generally, some items are more complicated or easier than I expect. Some items never get done.

Below is today's snapshot. Yesterday, the first entry was install a bearing in mower grass pickup. I did that, but when I tried to use the mower, I realized there was more wrong with the pickup than I thought. Today, I'll be taking the damn thing apart.

--Repair mower grass pickup
--Mow yard
--Prepare part of new garden for Kathy
--Prepare new garden for grass composting
--Smooth gravel on south road
--Dirt work in south yard, improve drainage
--Buy metal pieces for flower bed perimeters
--Install metal perimeters on flower beds
--Mulch flower beds and trees
--Plant trumpet vine
--Transplant lilies
--Add memory and Ethernet interface to Jim's computer
--Update Jim's computer
--Cut board for below counter
--Install board below counter
--Install door trim for west wing
--Install mopboard trim for west wing
--Finish trim on vanity cabinets
--Finish doorway to west wing
--Install tissue holders: west wing, under stairs
--Repain water line in trailer
--Install trailer hitch in truck
--Sunroom hot water tank--remove old
--Sunroom hot water tank--install new
--Cauk railing
--Cauk windows
--Paint house trim
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