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Netfilx has me pegged

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Last night, I watched two 'instant' movies recommended for me by Netflix. The movies couldn't have been more dissimilar, but I thoroughly enjoyed both and I consider both outstanding films.

The first, "Himalaya", a Nepalese film. was a visual treat depicting the generational clash between the old way of leadership and the new in a traditional Tibetan community.

The second, "The Secret Life of Words", a Spanish film, and according to Netflix, the movie is: understated, quirky, and emotional. Definitely true, with some rough descriptive dialog, the interplay of two characters as they deal with serious personal tragedies. It ends in a good place.

It's interesting to note that the backdrop for the second movie is a nearly-deserted offshore drilling platform. The movie gives you a perspective of life in an environment similar to the semi-submersible lost in the BP Gulf blowout. The perspective is minus the mind-numbing constant noise and vibration of the drilling rig, of course.
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