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We have ripe mulberries; the tree is loaded this year. The red mulberry tree is native, probably from a seed processed by a bird and deposited in my garden. The next year, before tilling, I transplanted the young tree to a corner of the yard where the mess from fallen berries wouldn't be a problem. I thought the fruit would attract birds to the yard, and it does.
2010-05-24 001 2010-05-24 005 2010-05-24 009

Last Saturday evening, while out with friends, Pam and Jim, for Mexican food, I mentioned the ripe mulberries. Jim was immediately interested, said he really liked mulberries, had eaten many as a kid. I like them too, for similar reasons. After dinner, the four of us stopped by our house to talk, and Kathy wanted to show Pam our blueberry bushes. Those bushes are also loaded with berries, the first time since being planted two years ago.

Jim and I walked out to the mulberry tree while Pam and Kathy toured the blueberries. We grazed on the mulberries, selecting the very ripest ones from limbs overhead. The berries were good having a mild, slightly-sweet flavor. We picked several handfuls for our lady partners.

Kathy is a cautious eater. The first thing she said was "Do they have worms?"

"I didn't see any," I replied and held my berry handful up for her inspection.

Kathy laughed, and when I looked closer, the berries in my hand were alive with little mite-like creatures.

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