7ony (7ony) wrote,


We watched the first two Twilight movies. Kathy borrowed the DVDs from one of the teens she tutors.

Just for fun, during the summer months, Kathy sometimes combines a tutoring session with a movie outing. Her gang of preteen students wanted to see to the new pg-13 Twilight movie. Kathy was uncertain about its appropriateness for the youngsters, although the parents had already approved, and the kids had already seen the earlier two movies. So we watched.

The movies weren't very good. I found them boring. There with lots of 'ho hum' places where the action or dialog really bogged down. The theme for both movies was self-destruction and suicide. Suicide is a topic I don't care for in a movie, and a topic I don't consider appropriate for young folk. The first words of the first movie discusses giving one life for the love of another, and the story goes downhill from there. There were scenes of unnecessary teenage angst, dishonesty to friends and parents, depression, and intentional extreme risk taking, all while enacting a self-destroying love affair. In the two Twilight movies, we heard the main protagonists frequently discuss suicide and we watched both characters barely survive attempted suicides.

I'm glad we didn't pay to see the movies.

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