7ony (7ony) wrote,

Rain and Peaches

Porter, the Peach Capital of Oklahoma and the Porter Peach Festival, was our destination last night. Besides enjoying the two Es (entertainment and eats), Kathy's brother is running for county commissioner and actively campaigning for votes in the upcoming primary, so we agreed to help at his booth. We spent the sweaty evening filling green and yellow balloons with helium, attaching a contrasting ribbon, and tying it on eager little wrists that were thrust toward us. Weather caused a premature shutdown shortly after the Miss Peach Pageant. The Sand Creek Band, playing C&W and Gospel music hung in there until the wind changed and the temperature dropped twenty degrees. Quickly, the full-to-overflowing main street became deserted except for the politicians who were busy in the dusty air taking down their Easy-Up shelters and packing away their garish signs. About then, I snapped this photo of the threatening clouds:

The photo wasn't the only one of clouds I've taken recently. Here are three more:
2010-07-15 039 2010-07-15 042 2010-07-15 044

We've had more than our share of rain this month. I would like to find enough dry days to get the yard mowed while it's still short enough to cut with a lawnmower.

The theme for the month so far seems to be rain and peaches. Every year, I like to go to Livesey's orchard near Porter and buy peaches to eat on my birthday. I've learned over the years to go several days early so the peaches have time to ripen completely. This year, Kathy made a peach pie for my birthday and, since we had plenty of peaches, a peach cake several days later. I learned that peaches are good on hot oatmeal too!
2010-07-15 048 2010-07-15 053 2010-07-15 049

Didn't I get a nice smoke ring on the briskets I cooked the other day?

The only other news I have is our last brood of barn swallows are nearly fledged. The parent birds are coaxing them out right now.
2010-07-15 064 2010-07-15 063

Well, we're due back at the Peach Festival, gotta go.

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