7ony (7ony) wrote,

I survived the PPF

Friday at the Porter Peach Festival was a repeat of Thursday's washout. Early evening, storm clouds appeared in the north, and as the darkness progressed, they grew increasingly ominous. An I-phone app showed severe weather warnings for the area. The band packed up earlier than they did on Thursday, and so did we. Kathy and I almost made it home before the wind and rain hammered us.

Clouds were scarce next day, but the sun rays weren't. The temperature was already high by the time we arrived at the booth and got higher while we waited for the parade.
2010-07-18 002 2010-07-18 003 2010-07-18 008 2010-07-18 011

2010-07-18 015 2010-07-18 020 2010-07-18 021 2010-07-18 022
Our candidate was in the parade and so were a number of other political hopefuls. With the primary elections just ten days away, it was an opportune time for candidates to parade themselves in front of the voters. Some chose to do it twice, so it was a l-o-n-g parade.
2010-07-18 057
Kathy's brother, a professional auctioneer in addition to his other many talents, helped auction the festival's award-winning peaches. He purchased one bushel, a distant winner, ninth place, I think. The grand champion bushel sold for $1000.
2010-07-18 079 2010-07-18 078 2010-07-18 080 2010-07-18 081
Kathy holds a couple of Tim's softball-sized peaches. They were a new variety, can't recall the name, but Kathy and I shared one this morning at breakfast. A nice tasty prize peach.

Despite the excitement of the contests: turtle and frog races, water balloon tosses, talent shows and tractor pulls, time passed slowly in the extreme heat. I found myself wishing that peaches matured in November rather than July. My attempt to capture the excitement of the turtle race in a photo was thwarted by tow-headed boys. Our huge evaporative air cooler was a good people draw. Folks found it irresistible.
2010-07-18 084 2010-07-18 092 2010-07-18 091 2010-07-18 095
I tried to stay in the shade as much as possible, but I managed to venture out long enough to win the beard contest.

Finally, it was evening, a really hot evening. Only the young found the energy for the street dance. Most folks just sat and listened to the blue grass music.
2010-07-18 128 2010-07-18 130 2010-07-18 142 2010-07-18 144

If you're not tired of Porter Peach Festival photos by now, check out http://www.flickr.com/photos/7ony/sets/72157624529320022/with/4805676124/ .

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