7ony (7ony) wrote,

To Act Like Lunatics

Kathy and I rose before the sun this morning so we could act like lunatics for a couple of hours on the side of a road over three hundred feet from the Shahan Free Will Baptist Church. We wore green and yellow t-shirts emblazoned with TK's campaign slogan and waved signs of like nature. The church is an official voting place in our county and the 'over three hundred feet' distance is proscribed by law.

The folks in the cars driving by responded in varying ways, mostly kind: honks, waves, etc. Just a few unkind gestures. And there were several drivers that were too busy with their cell phones to notice us.

After 4pm this afternoon, we'll have the same duty to catch the after-work voters. TK has enough helpers to cover all the precincts in the area.

Since the Porter Peach Festival, Kathy and I have been helping her brother TK campaign for County Commissioner. We've placed and replaced signs and handed out campaign literature door-to-door. Actually, not exactly door-to-door, but Republican-to-Republican, using the voter registration list because today's election is a Primary--no need to talk with Democrats or Independents. TK has two Republican opponents and we worry that the vote will be split and he won't win the required 51 percent to avoid a runoff. There are no Democrats running against him.

In Oklahoma, there isn't much difference between the two parties. One tends to inherit the party affiliation from their parents. TK is a fourth generation Oklahoman and a fourth generation Republican.

The watch party starts at 8pm. Wish us luck.
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