7ony (7ony) wrote,

Rain and a Silver Amphibian

There was a surplus of rain, several inches, on the books when we started August. Then nothing--well, nothing except for a few sprinkles--until today. So far today, according to my large plastic rain gauge and the two smaller ones (the swimming pool and the dog dishes), we've received about three inches. Along with the rain came a break in the triple-digit heat. Actually, the break in the weather came about a week ago when the mornings started being cooler and nicer. Summer is effectively over, despite the hot days predicted for later in the week.

I've been readying the camper trailer. We plan to pull it over to a nearby lake for several days. The trip is a precursor, a shakedown, to another one we'll take over Labor Day Weekend where we'll travel to a state park in western Oklahoma. From there, Kathy and I will attend my hometown's yearly alumni celebration on Saturday as well as my class's 50th high school graduation anniversary Friday night.

Whoa, writing that makes me feel old. Oh, wait. I am old. Actually, I still only admit to being middle-aged.

From the Park, we plan to travel north and east to my brother's home in central Kansas. We'll stay at my brother's place several days, and then we'll return home unless I can talk Kathy into more traveling.

This little guy has been lounging around our yard for several days. Yesterday morning, it was perched on the four-foot metal fence soaking up some sun rays. He or she must be a climber . . . or a jumper with special talents. I was struck by the unusual silver color.
2010-08-16 060 2010-08-16 062

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