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Eggplants and Tigers

We've been back from our trip for nearly two weeks, but I've been too busy with life to write in my journal.

While we were gone, the remnants of a hurricane dumped a deluge of water that kicked lawn growth into hi-gear. Too much time was spent mowing the tall grass down to a reputable length. Then there was the trailer to empty and clean and the pool to maintain.

With all the moisture, this eggplant got out-of-hand while we were gone.
2010-09-13 094

Kathy had committed the two of us to work at a used book sale at the town library on the Saturday following our return. Of course, the Friday before was spent unpacking boxes of books and setting up the room.

The book sale coincided with the town's Fall Festival, and during our lunch break, we ate there. The guaranteed high cholesterol food was disappointing this year. In the past, the vendors have been church and other hometown volunteer organizations. One could always count on finding some tasty homemade entrees like grilled burgers with real garden tomatoes, loaded Indian tacos or loaded baked potatoes and apricot fried pies or funnel cakes for desert.

This year, the town leaders with their advanced wisdom and desire for profit required $500 permits from each vendor and strict adherence to food handler standards. This year, only commercial food vendors were present, so while there were plenty of frozen, thawed, and heated corn dogs, corn-on-the-cob, and smoked-turkey legs available, the fresh homemade treats were absent. After touring the possibilities, Kathy and I settled on some suspicious looking chicken fried rice with a petrified eggroll for desert. We ate our lunch at Kathy's brother's booth on the midway.

Remember, he's the one who will be our next county commissioner. I guess he wanted to get a jump on the complaints.

Some of my spare time last week was spent improving a stamp that I'd made for Kathy. The Friends of the library sells artsy hand-stamped and/or painted book bags. This money-maker was Kathy's idea, and she and a friend are doing the work. Kathy buys the bags for $2 and the library sells the finished product for $6. I figure Kathy makes about a $1 an hour stamping and painting them.

It's been a good money-maker for the group, they're working on their second hundred bags. Here are some samples of Kathy's craft.
2010-09-23 023 2010-09-23 005 2010-09-23 013 2010-08-01K 013

Counting this last one, I've made Kathy three stamps.
2009-08-03 032 2009-10-11 008 2010-08-16 086

The latter one was a rework of the new sport logo for the school. I took a look at it in the newspaper and commented to Kathy that I could hide the town's name within the stripes.
tiger1 tiger2 2010-08-16 095

The completed stamp smeared and didn't work well on the cloth bags. I decided that using a stencil and spray paint would be better. I digitized the image, cleaned it up, fixed some oversights I'd noticed and

Now to print and cut a couple of stencils.

Another subject entirely. It's curious. I've seen a number of first churches: First United Methodist, First Baptist, and so on. I've never seen a second or third church: no Second United Methodist, etc. Anyone?

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