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Box of Books

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One outcome of helping with the city libary used book sale was the acquisition of a box of selected books. I bought several by John Sandford: "The Devil's Code," "Dead Watch," and "Heat Lightning." The first two are page-turners, costing me some sleep; each night I was up past 2 am. I may read the last one this weekend, if I get the chance. Sandford's mystery books tend to not be 'whodunits;' one usually knows who the bad guys are from the git-go. "The Devil's Code" was the best book of the two I read. I've read several of Sandford's "Prey" books and while I enjoyed them, I stumbled on several instances of careless writing or editing where the time sequence is off, or the wording isn't quite right (IMO). Not so with "The Devil's Code."
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