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The countdown has started for the big party. I was up at 6 am to build a fire in the smoker. We had it loaded and smoking by 7:30 with 35 pounds of pork. I'll spend today puttering around, finishing the yard, and feeding the firebox with wet pecan wood. Tonight, we'll shred (pull) the meat and add a little Head Country BBQ sauce. Tomorrow evening about dinner time, we'll heat it in pans. Also tomorrow, in the morning, I'll put 8 chickens in the cooker to smoke all day. Ed will arrive early with his big cooker to smoke 50 pounds of brisket, 50 pounds of baloney, and three racks of ribs. Kathy's boiling 10 pounds of red potatoes this morning. She will make potato salad and macaroni salad today. Tomorrow, she will bake two chocolate pundt cakes, one pineapple upside-down cake, and 8 pans of cornbread.  The rest of the family are busy too. Tim's delivered wood, chairs, tables, and a long trailer for the band to perform on. Tomorrow, beans, fried potatoes, and peach and blackberry cobbler will be cooked next door. We'll buy cole slaw from Roy's Chicken in town. No one seems to know how many will show up for the occasion. Just our family will likely top 40. About 150 invitations were sent out, probably only half will attend, but it's a family thing, and we can only guess at the average number of folks per invitation. Maybe we'll run out of food; probably, we'll have way too much.

I went after my wood for the smoker on Monday, a large limb the spring storms tore off an old pecan tree down by the creek. Using my tractor, I pulled it up to my yard and have been sawing and splitting a little wood each day. Every night this week, I've had a fire going in the pit, starting with a family wiener roast on Sunday. I'm burning the dead pine wood I've collected this summer. I still have plenty.

Oh yes, the lab tests are back. Everything's OK. I'm still waiting for my $120

Dry Rub, for 4 Boston-Butts

1 cup paprika

½ cup brown sugar, not packed

2 tbl coarse black pepper

2 tbl granulated garlic powder

6 tbl salt

5 tsp dry mustard

2 tsp cayenne

2 tsp onion powder


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