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A question of form

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We have an unattached four car garage that's really a three car because one bay doesn't have an outside door. The garage is packed full, old things, wood-working things, stored things, yard and garden things, and things we'll get around to one day, like restoring the 120 year-old-plus eight-feet-long drugstore display case that we got from Kathy's grandmother.

We reliably park one car, the Prius, inside. Ever since we had Kathy's 1990 Grand Marquis Mercury re-painted, it has been parked inside too. That car is Kathy's kid bus for her tutoring sessions.

Lately, I've been cleaning in the garage and getting rid of things. The other day I took a car load of old electronics to Goodwill: old computers, printers, televisions and such. I've unloaded a workbench that's been covered with junk for at least a decade. I know that because in the bottom layer I found the pieces of the garage door opener that I bought Kathy for her 50th birthday.

Over the past several days, I installed the opener on the bay where the Mercury is parked.

So here's my question: would it be bad form to give Kathy the installed garage opener as a 60th birthday present?
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