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The pork smoked about 14 hours yesterday before reaching the required doneness. My puttering around took about that long, too. I finished mowing our yard and helped Tim mow a piece of the pasture to be used for parking. In the evening, Kathy and I cut, oiled, rubbed, and refrigerated the chickens. After cleaning up that mess, we pulled the pork and refrigerated it, too. We managed to get to bed about midnight. At 7 this morning I was cleaning the smoker. The chicken was smoking by 8:30 am. Now Kathy is making and icing cakes. This afternoon, she will bake the cornbread. I continue to feed the fire.

Next door is a mad house with last minute cooking, decorating, and placing tables and chairs.

We should have good weather for this evening, perhaps a little too warm, but that's probably better than too cold.

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