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We seem to have a lot more whiners around since Obama became president.

Take the latest flak about the airline security folks doing too much groping.

Give me a break.

We've had bombing attempts that exploited shoe soles, underwear, shampoo, and maybe some other ways we don't even know about. It hasn't been that long ago that we heard whining about too little security or too much racial profiling. Now it's too much screening. Personally, I don't mind experiencing low-dose full-body x-rays and groping in order to get a full measure of security. I'll even autograph the photos, if they request.

I have a suggestion on how to handle the whiners at the airports that want to 'op-out' of the scans or the groping. Rats. Yes, rats. In Africa, a certain breed of rat has been trained to sniff out land mines. I'm sure the little guys could be trained for other explosives. This would give the whiners a third choice. When they refuse the scanners and the gropers, one of those rats could be sent up a pant leg.
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On November 24th, 2010 11:21 pm (UTC), le_starboard commented:
Haha! Yes! I completely agree. I only get to go home twice a year and if my plane gets delayed because people are being a bunch of babies and protest something when they didn't HAVE to buy plane tickets in the first place, then I am going to be very angry. Scan me or pat me down, I don't care which! Flying is a choice... if people don't like it then they can take the bus. People need to get over themselves.

My thoughts on airlines these days is just be humble and do everything they say to do and just be calm because it's a dangerous world. It's uncomfortable, but the reward is getting home in a timely manner. So I'll take it.
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On November 24th, 2010 11:38 pm (UTC), 7ony replied:
Have a great Thanksgiving!
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On November 25th, 2010 04:55 am (UTC), lo5an commented:
I, personally, am strongly opposed to letting the TSA continue to have their way with airport security procedures and I'm glad to see the public outrage about them. The only thing I expect to see from the new security policies is a big jump in holiday travel deaths as more and more people get frustrated with flying and choose less safe forms of travel, like driving, to get to their destinations.

The new requirements are an expensive boondoggle. The scanners aren't cheap and even the pat downs cost a lot in terms of time and human resources. There's no good evidence that the new requirements serve any purpose. Many highly regarded experts consider them laughable examples of security theater at best.

There's no evidence that the liquid bomb scare would have even worked AND it was detected by traditional intelligence gathering and investigation, not stopped at the airport. Existing procedures were enough to stop both the underwear bomber and the shoe bomber, neither one of who appears to actually been able to smuggle the makings of an effective ignition system onto a plane.

If we continue to just tighten down on whatever the most recent scare was, we'll never have sane procedures.

Further, there is a demonstrable lack of good training and effective oversight, leading to slipshod and highly variable implementation of what procedures we do have and an agency that doesn't seem to be able to follow it's own rules effectively.

The recent case of the TSA dumping a man's urostomy bag on him while patting him down because they refused to pay attention to him when he was trying to inform them of his medical condition is a case in point, as are the many cases of TSA sexual harassment and other improper behavior that have been reported in recent years. Earlier this year, I read that the number of air marshals that have been arrested is much higher than the number of people they've arrested.

The current outrage over "groping" and "pornoscans" might be a little bit silly, but it motivates some kind of review of the expensive pile of stupid that is our current air travel procedure, then I'll take it. It might be the impetus that finally gets us moving towards effective security policies that don't trod all over the 4th amendment.

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On November 25th, 2010 07:55 am (UTC), le_starboard replied:
I applaud you for putting all this thought into it... and if people feel this is wrong... well kudos for caring and wanting to do something about it. But I'm in the military and I rarely get to see my family. When I can go home I just want to go home and I don't care who gropes me or sees me naked.. so I'm biased towards these opt-outs that are supposedly going to slow up travel. Maybe it all is media hype and my travel won't be impeded at all... but if it is and travel is slowed, I'm going to be sitting overnight in some major airport because I unfortunately had to pick late in the day flights to come home this christmas. I'm just saying.. I hope people won't try to win this battle at the airport itself, because that's just damn silly and I just want to go home. Settle this crap in the courts.
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