7ony (7ony) wrote,


We seem to have a lot more whiners around since Obama became president.

Take the latest flak about the airline security folks doing too much groping.

Give me a break.

We've had bombing attempts that exploited shoe soles, underwear, shampoo, and maybe some other ways we don't even know about. It hasn't been that long ago that we heard whining about too little security or too much racial profiling. Now it's too much screening. Personally, I don't mind experiencing low-dose full-body x-rays and groping in order to get a full measure of security. I'll even autograph the photos, if they request.

I have a suggestion on how to handle the whiners at the airports that want to 'op-out' of the scans or the groping. Rats. Yes, rats. In Africa, a certain breed of rat has been trained to sniff out land mines. I'm sure the little guys could be trained for other explosives. This would give the whiners a third choice. When they refuse the scanners and the gropers, one of those rats could be sent up a pant leg.

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