7ony (7ony) wrote,

Tis the season

Every year about this time, Kathy and I have a similar conversation over breakfast. We discuss whether the colorfully-decorated imported-from-China Christmas coffee mugs she pulls from storage each year are coated with lead-based glazes. We speculate over which color contains the most lead. Generally, the conversation runs its course, and we move to a new topic with one of us saying "Oh well."

By now, we've had a whole week of Holiday music. More this year than last, because I converted an old desktop computor into a mp3 player. It's loaded with our multi-decade collection of Christmas music cds that I ripped to mp3s several years ago. Days and days of random play and no disc change.
2010-12-15 019 2010-12-15 021

Also by now, the fake tree was retrieved from the attic and heavily decorated with fake red poinsettia blossoms and a collection of fragile mercury glass ornaments. There's a few other store-bought holiday decorations around, but Kathy's main thing is putting homemade scarfs and Santa hats on nearly everything, including me if I stand or sit still for too long.
2010-12-15 012

Since Thanksgiving, Kathy has kept busy with the students she tutors, helping them with semester-end projects. In addition, she and a couple of her teen-aged girls beaded bracelets to sell at a local craft show. Kathy's also active with the Friends of the Library group, and she helped build the Library's float for the Christmas Parade. Since Kathy was busy at the craft show during the parade, and since I'm a really nice guy, I endured the extremely cold and stiff wind to get a photo of the library float. It took a while. The parade was delayed because one of the tow vehicles ran out of gas.
2010-12-15 006 2010-12-15 004 2010-12-12 052 2010-12-12 037

The mayor of the town was the master of ceremony, and he spent l-o-n-g time making sure that folks were aware that it was a Christmas parade not a Holiday Season parade. That was probably in response to Oklahoma's own Senator Inholf refusing to ride a horse in Tulsa's parade this year because the name was changed to encompass all the winter solstice celebrations. I would have told the Senator good riddance; that's my personal opinion of his character. Okay, okay, that's all I'll say, except to comment that I saw a lot of patriotism, but little Christian religion in our parade, unless one counts ole Saint Nicolas riding atop a big red fire truck.

We're having friends over for tacos tonight. Stop by if you're in the neighborhood.

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