7ony (7ony) wrote,

Cold white stuff

High wind, snow drifts nearly waist deep, and it's still snowing. It will stop soon, the snow, but not the wind. Then we get a week of frozen days and sub-zero nights. Maybe I'll clear the snow from the driveway, or maybe I'll just wait for spring. During my last sojourn in the arctic I vowed to never live north of St. Louis. Today makes me wish I'd set my goal a little lower, say never north of Dallas.

I think the vestibule I made for the doghouses worked okay, but I'm not sure. A snow drift obscures my view inside. The dogs fled their houses before light this morning. We rescued them off the front porch, and they found comfort in the sun room. That will be their home for the next week. I'll need to re-think the winter dog shelter location.
2011-02-01 008

This northern wind, a polar fright,
Seduced a damp young southern sprite.
Air from Gulf met the air from pole.
They joined to dance a farandole
Across Oklahoma hills and plain,
Shedding drift snow and freezing rain.
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