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Cold White Stuff, continued

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We still have cold white stuff in the yard. Mother Nature relented and gave us a bright clear day. Sublimation is happening, adding a crisp coolness to the air which isn't needed because the frigid north wind is still with us and still plenty strong.

I cleared a bit of the front walk and shoveled enough of the drifts between the sunroom and the garage to allow the dogs some romping room outside. Because of the drifts, we've been taking them through the living room and out the front door. They've been reluctant to go. I think the dog treats we used to coax them contain cocaine or some other addictive drug because the dogs now continuously beg for the treats and ignore their regular food.

I have a couple of Christmas photos that I planned to post earlier, but was too sick with a cold to do it.
2011-02-01 002 2011-02-01 007
The second photo is a picture of an envelope for a Christmas card that Kathy received from one of her students, a ten-year-old. I agree with the sentiment the young lady expressed on the envelope.

Some snow scenes.
2011-02-01 011 2011-02-01 014 2011-02-01 012 2011-02-01 015
Remember, you can click on the photo for a larger view.

And the dogs, Zero and Mike. I dunno. Does Mike look like a dog-treat-addict to you?
2011-02-01 019 2011-02-01 020
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