7ony (7ony) wrote,

Tuesday and Wednesday, we had a repeat of a week ago, another snowstorm and another 6-8 inches of blowing, drifting snow. Then clear, cold, sunshine, and sublimation.

My outdoor thermometer read -16 degrees F about 7am this morning. I can't recall a colder reading and I've had the thermometer in place just outside the east window of our 2nd story bedroom for at least twenty years. There was a large temperature inversion due to the extremely clear weather that followed the snowstorm. Ground temperatures aren't that cold and won't get that way because of the snow cover.

The clear weather is working in our favor today and maybe for the rest of the week. Early this morning, a thermometer in our sunroom read 51 degrees. It's located at about head level, the floor was cooler, but not freezing. By noon, the sun had heated the room to 85 degrees. When it gets above 80 degrees, we harvest the heat by circulating it through the house. Not bad, considering today's outside temperature stayed below freezing.

I've been carrying my seedling tomato plants back and forth trying to keep them in the sun as much as possible without allowing the babies to get cold. Gotta get ready for spring.

I finished the short story I'd been working on for the last month or so, "Hello. Hello. Is Anyone Here?," a 10K near-future hard science fiction story. I emailed it to the critique group. I'll probably receive some interesting comments. Written in first person, I kill the narrator-main protagonist off before the ending . . .

Another story, "Katie McCray," a 2k soft SF story is out collecting rejections. Next, I plan to extend a story called "Dreamstones." It received it's share of rejections before I looked at it critically and realized my ending was wrong. I'd left too many dangling 'loose ends'. Hopefully, the extension will take care of them.

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