7ony (7ony) wrote,

Have you looked at the U. S. House of Representatives' $1.2 trillion stop-gap(only lasts until September!) spending bill? I haven't read it yet, but I've been reading news reports about it. Parts of what I've read, I like, but other parts, I find reprehensible. Rather than going after the large and easy opportunities to cut governmental spending such as the huge subsidies, grants, and credits given to oil, pharmaceutical, defense, and other fat cats, it appears that the Republican-dominated House of Representatives are siding with the Washington lobbyists and the special interest groups to reduce the federal budget by a trivial amount while helping big business and doing harm to poor children, their mothers, college students, and the elderly.

The House Republicans apparently listened to the Washington lobbyists who persuaded them to stop the regulation of gases that cause global warming, to allow broadband providers to slow Internet traffic on their networks, to allow fraudulent loans to students at for-profit colleges, to cut the funding for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and to limit the ability of the government to regulate the actions of the Wall Street financial companies. Remember those guys?

The Representatives apparently don't like children: The paltry $60 billion in cuts they have proposed cut deeply into the programs that educate and help prevent teenage pregnancies, that provide pre-natal and young childhood aid to poor children and their mothers, that provide pell grants to low-income college students, and that help fund children educational programs on PBS.

Their proposed cuts to the Social Security Administration will make life more difficult for the elderly.


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