7ony (7ony) wrote,

Morphing the Rationale for the Iraq War

The number of US soldiers killed in Iraq has surpassed 2000. Estimates of the Iraqi citizens dead because of the war top 35,000. It seems reasonable to pause a moment and review the reason our president used to commit us to this terrible war and how it has changed over time.

Our finest and bravest citizens are dying in Iraq because:
  1. Saddam will soon have nuclear capability.
  2. Saddam has built an arsenal of weapons of mass distruction.
  3. Saddam supported Al Qaeda and maintained their training camps in Iraq.
  4. Saddam was an evil dictator who needed to be toppled.
  5. Better to fight terrorists in Iraq than here at home.
  6. We must battle tyrany to bring democracy to Iraq and other oppressed countries.
  7. And yesterday, it was: "And the best way to honor the sacrifice of our fallen troops is to complete the mission and lay the foundation of peace by spreading freedom,"
Next, I expect to hear a paraphrase of the mantra I heard so often forty years ago: "I'm not sure why we're in Viet Nam, but now that we're there, we must stay the course."

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