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A light frost occurred last Monday. Fortunately, it was predicted and we prepared for it. Every one of our tomatoes were enclosed in double sets of plastic WalMart sacks over night. That's the first time I protected my plants from frost. Usually it is so wet that we're late getting our garden planted. The May 2 frost was unexpected for several reasons; we rarely get a frost that late, the average last frost is April 15th and its been a relatively warm spring, the second or third in a row. Last year, the last frost was in March. Daytime highs for the rest of the week were in the 80s and 90s with cool nights. Weird weather.

Tornadoes are another thing that's weird this spring. Oklahoma averages 52 tornadoes a year. This year, we had 46 in April, a record for the month, and they all occurred in the eastern half of the state. Only one was severe, a real sidewalk roller. However, none were as severe as the ones in the states south and east of us.

And floods. After 15 inches of rain, the normally scenic Illinois river was 24 feet above flood stage. All the area lakes are high, with flooded campgrounds. Western Oklahoma has had very little rain, not a good thing for the wheat farmers.

We're enjoying fresh strawberries. We're sharing them with a mockingbird who has a nest in the yard somewhere. The yearly skirmishes with the barn swallows is underway. They start building their nests in people places and I keep knocking them down. The birds are only allowed to build on the north side of the house. That's the rule for cohabitation.
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