7ony (7ony) wrote,

Smokin' Again

A cold front blew through yesterday evening bringing with it rain and leaving a definite chill in the air. I felt the cold through several layers of clothing early this morning when I started a fire in my smoker.

Saturday, we'll travel to OKC for a family birthday lunch. It's a pot-latch and Kathy and I are scheduled to provide sliced smoked brisket, two pumpkin pies and two pecan pies. Kathy may also make a dinner salad. November is a busy month for birthdays in my family, at least five including my life-partner.

I'll cheat with the brisket by using the wood smoker all day today then continue cooking in the house oven overnight.

The wind is high, variable, and blusters directly into the smoker firebox. I've had a difficult time keeping the temperature within range, and I seem to be constantly adjusting the air intake. I should remember to arrange the smoker so the wind doesn't blow into it, but I never do.

My difficulties made me wish for an air delivery system like that at Wild Horse Mountain BBQ. Oxygen for the fire is delivered by an electric blower connected to a set of furnace limit switches. The fan turns on and off to maintain the cooking temperature range. The down side of that kind of air delivery system is an oxygen-deprived fire increases the amount of smoke carcinogens. That's why I prefer controlling the temperature by the amount of wood rather than the amount of air.

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