7ony (7ony) wrote,

Thanksgiving Is Officially Over

Kathy has a three-day rule on leftovers, so I guess Thanksgiving is officially over. We can start decorating the fake tree.

The leftovers were tasty, but I'm glad to be quit of them. The rich food destroyed my diet. And I was doing so well. I'd dropped about 30 pounds since July, but probably gained at least 10 back during Thanksgiving.

At dinner, folks asked me for my weight loss secret. I told them that I lose weight by being hungry and the best time to be hungry is while you're sleeping. There's some truth in that, but the real secret is to have commitment and perseverance. Lots of fiber, water, and smaller portions help too. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have plenty to lose, like me.

I've been overweight nearly all my life. Some folk are quick to blame childhood obesity on the lack of activity. Maybe that's true, but I did have two paper routes while in school and walked over two miles each day before breakfast and another two on Friday afternoons. Couldn't throw a paper from a bicycle back then; at least not in that little town. They wanted their daily news placed inside the screen door. I added more pounds while paying bills by washing pot and pans in the college cafeteria, but since graduation I've weighed about the same, waxing and waning a few pounds over the years. Of course, more of the weight was muscle back then.

I tell Kathy that I've gone from porky to portly and plan to be at pudgy before I'm through.

lo5an and I smoked a couple of briskets on Saturday. He took one back to Norman today and I froze the other. We did hold enough brisket back for a family lunch today. Kathy made baked beans, potato salad, and coleslaw and I cooked a pot of pinto beans. I don't eat pork and beans no matter what's been done to disguise them.

The weather yesterday wasn't that great for smoking meat. We'd already had several killing frosts and then some high winds that stripped the autumn colors. Rain had fallen most of the night and morning had dawned with shadowy low hanging nimbus clouds that spewed moisture alternating between dripping mists and toad-strangling downpours. Everywhere was a dreary monochrome painted with shades of gray and dark. By mid-morning the brisk south wind had changed to a considerably colder north wind with no loss of briskness. It just wasn't a great day.

I slogged out in the mist to light the smoker and grumpily remembered that I'd forgotten to buy charcoal. I like to use charcoal to start the fire and help temper the heat while using pecan wood for the smoke. The lack of charcoal meant a quick trip to the local grocery store.

At the grocery store, I loaded the cart with a large bag of charcoal and a loaf of Texas Giant white bread for Kathy. Then I waited in a checkout line behind a well-dressed young woman who was obviously on her way to work or perhaps to some important life event.

The cheerful riot of color in the woman's outfit sharply contrasted with the dreary shadows outside. She wore medium blue rain boots splashed with small bright red and yellow triangles, above the boots stretched rich brown tights that disappeared beneath a full sky blue skirt patterned with abstractions reminiscent of Van Gogh's Starry Night but brighter and with reds. There was also a warm-looking blue and brown tweed coat. She had her own carry bag, a red one emblazoned with a huge circular Thanksgiving-themed emblem: a tom turkey, pumpkins, squash and other fall produce. She presented a full riot of color: bright reds, yellows, browns, and blues as from a box of crayons. Audacious, but with harmony.

I smiled and lost my grumpiness. It would be good day.

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