7ony (7ony) wrote,

Go fly a kite!

It's something I do every spring, preferably in March, and preferably with a child.. I finally got around to it yesterday, the last day of March. My ten-year-old nephew and I put a couple of old plastic storebought kites into the air. The wind was too light and variable for any thing else. We had great fun; I recommend it.

Today, I'm smoking chicken. That's what was on sale this week at the local grocery. The burn ban was lifted after the rain a week or so ago, then re-instated after people were careless. However, the new ban allows gas and charcoal grilling. I'm using charcoal with a few wet pecan chips for flavor. I've had 11 leg-quarters and four breasts smoking for five hours now. I like to cook them slow, so it'll take at least another hour to finish. We'll have friends over tonight to help us eat them. Predictably, it rained this morning just after I started, so I moved the smoker into the garage for a while. I'm not complaining; we need the moisture. We need another 15 inches just to catch up.

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