7ony (7ony) wrote,

Woody Guthrie and Ramblin' Boy

This afternoon, we visited the Woody Guthrie exhibit at the Gilcrease Museum. The Woody Guthrie heirs have sold their collection of the folk artist's memorabilia to a group who plan to open a Woody Guthrie Museum in downtown Tulsa later this year. Until then, a selection of his work and history will be displayed at Gilcrease.

I enjoyed the exhibit, but was a bit bummed that nothing was mentioned about my favorite Woody Guthrie song; "My Ramblin' Boy."

Back at home and thanks to the Internet, I learned why it wasn't mentioned.

Woody Guthrie didn't create or sing "My Ramblin' Boy."

"My Ramblin' Boy" was composed by Tom Paxton. Apparently, Pete Seeger was responsible for the rendition I like. See http://compvid101.blogspot.com/2010/01/tom-paxton-redux-my-ramblin-boy.html and:

I might have heard it first sung by The Kingston Trio. The song struck a chord with me because I was doing a bit of ramblin' too. My mantra back then was "new places, new faces." Most of the friendships that I made were fleeting, left behind when I moved on, but some have endured to the present day. And, sad to say, some have dropped out along the way.

My mantra served me well for a while. Then I realized that life itself was the real journey, that the new places were only simple artifacts, small markers in the flow of time. And that the real journey had more important and more durable markers.

So here's to you, my ramblin' ljfriends ...

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