7ony (7ony) wrote,

I'm still here, just busy.

I just don't understand. I keep working on my tado list, but it never gets shorter.

The good news is I'm getting plenty of exercise, and I'm having fun. Kathy and I are racing to get some yard chores done before the hot weather arrives and takes the fun out of working outside.

Two large stumps were removed. One removal included the whole tree, the other is a cleanup from the tree I removed a year or so ago. I have a half-dozen dead pine trees yet to go.

After some dirtwork, we finished landscaping and mulching the front of house. Kathy likes that. The big benefit for me is mowing/weed-whacking will be easier because we rounded several inside corners.
2012-05-24 004 2012-04-22 001 2012-04-22 002
(The photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.)
We also cleaned, caulked, and painted a half-dozen window frames. I'm ready to call the front of the house done for this year.
2012-05-24 043 2012-05-24 045 2012-05-24 046
The potted plants belong to Kathy. She and her cousin Lynn are enthusiastic about the numerous varieties of 'hen and chicks' plants.

The dog you see is Zero, our only dog since Mike passed this winter. Zero is about 16 years old, and she spends a lot of time on that cushion when she is not sitting in the yard watching me work.

Inside the house, I built another 'honey-do' closet that Kathy was filling almost as fast as I built.
2012-05-24 009 2012-05-24 048

Already, Kathy is saying, "You know Honey, this tall cabinet beside the refrigerator would work better if you built a few drawers in it."

Our tomato plants are on the cusp of producing. I took pictures of the garden because an Oklahoman always expects a spring wind and hail storm to blow in and ruin everything. The complete lack of storms this year is a bit unsettling.
2012-05-24 055 2012-05-24 059 2012-05-24 034 2012-05-24 031
Not bad for a low place I built up by dumping grass clippings for a half-dozen years. There's still too much nitrogen in the mix so the green is excessive while the tomato count is low, but it is a big improvement over last year. I considered trimming vines like many do to improve the tomatoes, then decided it would be wise to set as many blossoms as possible before the heat of summer arrives. I raised all the tomato plants from seed.

I end with more proof of Kathy's green thumb. The orchids I bought her for Mother's Day last year that she nurtured over the winter in the sun room have bloomed.
2012-05-24 064
And yes, since she already had orchids, I didn't buy her any this year.

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