7ony (7ony) wrote,

Actually, the real reason that I'm posting this afternon is I'm hiding from yard work. That hasn't been going well for me.

Last night, I noticed that the pool pump was leaking. There are two freeze plugs that sometimes leak, so my first impulse was to tighten them. The first was a little loose and I tightened it. A quick turn on the second plug was all it took to break the plastic end off. Fortunately, it was on the suction side of the pump, so it didn't leak water. It did suck air. For a bubblegum-esque temporary fix, I dobbed on a lump of plumber's putty. It worked. Next week, I'll have to drill out the plug remnant and buy a new one from the pool place. And yes, I still have a leaking pool pump.

Last week, I'd removed and power-washed my mover deck in preparation for sharpening the blades. Yesterday, I borrowed my brother-in-law's air-driven impact socket-wrench to remove the bolts that attach the blades to the mower deck. The first two bolts came out easy, but the last one was tough. I tried about everything. Finally I gave up.

This morning I decided to try everything once more and managed to ruin the bolt. Instead of having a hexagonal top, it now has a more-or-less round one.

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