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The maximum temperature forecast for today is 111 degrees. That's actually an improvement over the past few days with maximums of 112 and 113. All week, we have had highs of 111 or above. This year, there have been over 30 days with highs of 100 degrees or more. And there isn't much relief at night with midnight temperatures of 100 degrees. The weather guys are saying this year is hotter that any on record. They keep mentioning 1936 as the last record-setter. The rains have been sparse too, and our world is fast turning beige.

Kathy and I cope by doing yard work early in the morning and hiding inside the house for the rest of the day. We've been watching lots of Netflix instant videos in the afternoons.

Except for the Jalapeno peppers and the new asparagus bed, the vegetable garden is kaput. The tomatoes are gone. There is one more crop hidden among the peppers.
2012-08-04 002
The pineapple tops that I stuck in the ground last May have apparently rooted and started growing. Who says you can't grow pineapples in Oklahoma?

We've managed to keep the pool shaded during most of the day and only swim mid-morning and after dark. The shade has been enough to keep the pool water just right. Last year we used two $44 rolls of insulation, essentially reflective bubble wrap. That kept the pool cool, but deteriorated rapidly in the sunlight. The bubbles gradually absorbed water. We looked for a better solution, one that would hold up to the heat and the Oklahoma winds. We finally settled on a low tech solution, a $20 silver tarp.

[I've just returned from the front porch. A few minutes ago, I heard a loudly complaining mocking bird and glanced out the window. The bird was perched on the edge of a birdbath set among our flowers. Usually, Kathy fills it each morning. She'd missed it this morning and the bath was dry. I jumped up, got a pitcher of water, went outside and filled the bird oasis. I returned to my recliner and as I write this last line the mocking bird is perched on the back of the porch swing silently checking me out through the window. No complaints now. I have to wonder; who's in charge?]

I'm done.

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