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Wild Fire!

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The heat and drought has turned this part of the country into a dangerous place. As I write, there is a wild fire raging near Mannford. I heard on the news that they were evacuating the town.

I just spoke on the phone with a buddy who lives near there. The buddy, Bill, says that he and his wife May have had several nervous days, but right now the fire is on a path that will bypass them--as long as the wind doesn't change direction.

They have their fifth-wheel loaded with keepsakes and papers and hooked up, ready to leave if they have to.

I can understand their nervousness. Their house is on a heavily-wooded peninsula that juts out into Lake Keystone. The place has a nice view, it overlooks the lake, but they live at the end of a dead-end road. The fire is raging near the other end of the road.

[Edit, 06aug2012: Bill and May are okay. The wild fire is ongoing, but under control.]

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