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The weather guys predicted a likely frost and a possible freeze for last night so I spent part of yesterday harvesting my only remaining garden crop, Jalapenos. I stopped harvesting after filling two Walmart sacks. We'll freeze some, give some to our neighbor, and give the rest away to several Mexican families we know. Generally, the latter gifts yield us a gift or two of some fresh banana leaf-wrapped tamales. The ones we've received so far this fall were chicken and black-eyed peas. Very tasty.

I also dug up one of the pineapple plants and potted it for wintering-over in our sun room. If the other pineapple plants survive the night, I'll probably dig up another one. I also moved three pots of flowers and pots of cilantro and rosemary inside. We covered Kathy's front porch flowers.

I hope the weather guys are wrong. I want three or four more weeks of growing.

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