7ony (7ony) wrote,

National Deficit and National Debt

I feel that we (the US) are at a critical point in time. I recently wrote and gave my opinion about the National Debt and Deficit to my representatives in Washington. I encourage everyone to do the same and let your opinion be counted.

Here is what I wrote.

"Anyone who has taken a serious look at the US deficit/debt problem knows that the $2.2 trillion deficit savings over the next decade recently proposed by the House Republicans falls terribly short of the necessary spending cuts and tax revenue needed to resolve the US budgetary crisis. $2.2 trillion/ten years won't even provide enough money to make the National Debt interest payment each year. President Obama's plan for $3 trillion/ten years is better, but still falls short of the $5 trillion/ten years that's needed for serious debt reduction. In my opinion, the House's $2.2 trillion is just a bit of weaseling nonsense.

Thirty-three percent of Oklahoma voters voted for President Obama, a definite 33% mandate even in the so-called reddest state in the Union for his amply vocalized deficit reduction plans.

It's time the Republicans in the House and Senate stop playing politics and stop paying homage to a billionaire-funded lobbyist and join with their fellow Americans to get serious about reducing the Nation's deficit and debt and restoring our economy!"
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