7ony (7ony) wrote,

Black Widow

When I opened the garage door yesterday morning, I discovered that an unwelcome lady had homesteaded on and around my weedeater gasoline can. It was early, I may have caught her in the middle of breakfast or doing some tidying up, but there she was in plain view. I wanted to take some photos to document her trespass, but by the time I'd returned with my digital camera, she had retreated to her lair.
2013-07-14 001
Rudely, I kicked the gas can to compel her into view so I could photograph her sparkling beauty. Ruder still, I removed the gas can from the garage and sprayed it with Ortho Home Defense bug killer. As a final act of cruelty, I confess to stepping on her when in her weakness she fell from the can.
2013-07-14 001crop2013-07-14 004crop2013-07-14 009cropx2013-07-14 006cropx

I rarely see Black Widow spiders, but I know they are around. I see their webs, unkept, straglely messes than one might carelessly assume are abandoned. Wikipedia describes it this way: ". . . the widow spiders construct a web of irregular, tangled, sticky silken fibers. . ."

If you look closely or click on the first photo to enlarge it, you can vaguely see the web around the bottom of the gas can.

The Black Widows have poor eyesight, are timid, are less-than-deadly poisonous, bit mostly defensively, and tend to live in shadows, often spending daytime in their lair and only tending web at night.

Crawling the Internet, I found an interesting Black Widow utube video:

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