7ony (7ony) wrote,

I'm back

I've felt bad lately about not blogging, but seemed to have hit a writer's block that I explained away by saying I'm just too busy. Actually, maybe the real reason is that I got a new computer last spring, a Google Nexus pad. I use it quite a bit, but with no physical keyboard, it doesn't lend itself to writing.

This morning I was up early and using my laptop responded to an email from a old friend. As I sent the note, I realized I could re-cycle it into a blog post. Here it is with some explanatory annotations:

"Hi, I've been wondering whether you-all had returned from your trip. Did you see much rain while in CO? Were you at South Fork the whole two weeks? I bet the stay was fun.

We're doing okay, more or less. Busy. Last weekend was our town's Fall Festival and Carnival. Kathy's Friends of the Library group sponsored a 'comfort' station at the town library as an alternative to the row of porta-potties downtown. In addition, she put together a set of fun games for the younger (2-6) kids that wander in with their parents. That went over great and now we've picked up and stored the games away for next year. [Kathy spent the week before the festival colorfully painting tin cans and boxes and I built an 8 foot wooden ramp. Most of the games involved throwing or rolling something to knock down somethings.]

We'd planned to leave this morning for a couple of days in OKC, but we've been hit with a stomach virus. I was just getting over it when Kathy started having problems yesterday afternoon. We'll have to delay our trip several days.

B's [my oldest brother] heart function tested nearly normal at his last doctor's appointment and he's back to walking a couple miles each day. He and P are making plans for their move to Enid and for a fall RV rally. Not bad for having back-to-back heart attacks. B still has the lymphoma cancer problem and will take some sort of chemo every couple of months. Don't know how long that will last, maybe from now on. I need to learn more about that, but I'm reluctant to press questions right now.

B&S [my youngest brother and his wife] are doing okay, busy with their newly-adopted boys and a foster child or two. One of the boys plays football and the other is in the band, so B&S are seeing a lot of football games :-)

L [our son] likes his new job. He still works for OU, but is now in a different group. This group is putting historical documents on the Internet. The first will be a large collection of Civil War soldier family letters.

C's [a ten year old my sister-in-law is trying to adopt] adoption is still pending. His mother did a last minute objection despite having not seen or contacted him for the past four years. The 'best interest' hearing will be next Thursday. Hopefully, that will go in our favor and then the adoption process can be re-scheduled.

We survived our Labor Weekend section party. Fed pulled pork and chicken to 50-60 relatives, friends, and neighbors. Nearly everyone brought a dish so we had plenty of food. Weather for the evening turned out nice after all. Guess we lucked out there. We had fun. Maybe we'll do it again next year although later in the fall. Next time I'll smoke the meat ahead of time so I won't have so much to do the day-of. I was dead-staggering-tired by dinner time.

I'm done.


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